Service dogs today

Service dogs have become much more widely accepted today. Along with that comes more concrete training and regulations.

Tonight I was looking around to see what the latest word about dogs for veterans was.

I found this as a list for tasks that a veteran with PTSD would need/want his/her dog trained for.

Surprisingly to me, Keegan is trained in almost all of those points. The one I’m missing that I wish I’d known how to teach was the “take me home” skill.
I trained Keegan from the time she was a puppy. I trained her by myself, for myself.

It is interesting to me as I head into the VA’s evaluation testing about whether they agree that I have PTSD or not that my training list included every aspect that they consider signs of PTSD. Not that that observation will help one iota in the eval since I won’t be able to have Keegan with me.

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