Good news! Maybe…

I’ve mentioned before that I had a claim filed with the VA.

A couple weeks ago I received a letter telling me that they’d denied my claim though I had a year to appeal.
It appeared that my paperwork had not gotten to them by the deadline (the certified receipt said they received it the same day they sent our the denial to me), so I put it on my list of things to deal with to find someone to talk to and get my claim back in the consideration pile.

That was it in my mind until today. Apparently, again, because I have no idea how the paperwork gets all matched on their end (it’s magic!), they kept my claim alive and attached my statements.
Today I received a C&P letter. It’s an appointment to meet with the VA psychs/docs (I’m not sure which but I think it’s psych) for a “Compensation and Pension” examination.

Of course I’m terrified that I won’t “pass” the exam because I’ve learned to cover up things so well unless you know me really well. People just think I’m odd, or anti-social, or over-emotional, or just slightly “off”.

But, it is good news because my claim is going through the steps now.

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  1. Maybe you should watch Cybil, Rainman, or the Fisher King before you go so you’ll be prepared.

    • Rainman was Autistic. Fisher King was schizophrenic.

      I’ve never seen Cybil so I don’t know the issue there.

      Which are both different than what I have. But thanks for trying to support me!

  2. If you’re scheduled for a C&P exam, they’ve acknowledged your status as a veteran.

    That’s HUGE.

    Skip the dramaturgical perspective and poke at a couple of links for VA PTSD claims. The web is rich with these. Some are helpful, some are bullshit, and all have misspellings. I’d stick with reading through sites that have useful tips and a distinct BTDT flavor.

    Luck to you, HA.

    • Are you sure about that?
      They haven’t sent me anything yet saying that specifically, or even unspecifically.
      As you know, I’m a little confused about the current definition of “veteran”.


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