Battery ran out of charge

And so did my iPad so posts have been scarce the past couple days.

But right now I’m sitting in a McDonald’s with my extension cord charging both items.

There’s only one accessible outlet in the entire customer seating area. I had to ask the people sitting there if they would allow me to use one of the outlets. I showed them the power strip and said they could plug into the power strip as well. They got a tiny bit huffy. I guess their college day coffee shop study days are too far behind them to recall. 🙂

It’s been warm the past week. In the 70s during the day. And cool enough to sleep comfortably at night.

This next week is busy for me. Doctor appts, SSI lawyer appts; I will be truly socialized out by the time school starts the following week.
I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous about starting school with my input buffers already filled. I will need to be very careful the rest of the month to make sure I don’t overwhelm myself and that my battery doesn’t run out of charge too.

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