Oh pleasant evening..

Today was also a good day.

I wrote already about going to the food bank and getting some fresh food.

I received 2 bell peppers that I want to use ASAP as they’re ripe now. I don’t have a way to cook them but I was thinking I could still do a stuffed pepper kind of thing. I have a tin of cooked beef that I could mix with some tomato flakes and onion flakes…what else goes into baked stuffed peppers?

After I got back from my wanderings I was feeling restless and wanted some exercise.

For some reason a lot of people ask, first thing, are you getting enough exercise? Errrrr…. I’m living in my truck, would you like to be beside me in the checkout line at the grocery after I’ve gotten a good workout in walking up and down the road?
NOW… *I* am more fortunate but I still wonder if these well-meaning people understand the complexities of such a simple idea when they ask “are you getting enough exercise?”

But anyway, back to me!
Due to a couple of blog readers here I do have a place to exercise without worrying about my truck being towed and even more importantly a place to clean up afterwards.
I do have to admit that the lack of exercise was hurting me both mentally and physically.
I gained a lot of weight the first couple months out, trying to learn what to eat, how far my food stamps would go. Now I have to lose it, and being in my 40s, it isn’t coming off easily.

So tonight I went to the gym and did my bit to remind my body what exercise was.
I did an hour and a half of varying cardio bits, nothing difficult as I want to keep my heart rate down in the weight loss range.
Because I’ve been doing it since toddlerhood, I’m able to hold my book in one hand and walk, cycle, elliptical, whatever while I read. The nook touch is awesome for this. So light, so easy to turn pages, so easy to lay on the rack if you need to get a drink of water without losing your place! I got a good way into Pierce’s “Mastiff” tonight. A pretty good read so far.

I did cardio until I felt good then did the ab glider machine thingy.

Then the really awesome part, the long hot shower.

Tonight I membered to take in ear plugs. They play the music so loud it’s annoying, even when I like some of it. I can’t think straight with it so loud. Ear plugs : not just for sleeping anymore.

Then I came out to the truck, let Keegan out for a whiz, then settled stuff for bed. I hung up my wet workout clothes over the lines I have crisscrossing the ceiling, mixed Keegan up her commercial raw dog food, strung my hammock, got out my sleeping bag, and started typing on my iPad.

Excellent evening.

G’night John Boy.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  January 3, 2012

    GREAT!!! I’m happy you get to have fun AND get a nice hot shower. This months gym fee in you paypal.

  2. Jerryprism

     /  January 3, 2012

    as for your stuffed peppers, any minced up veggy will be welcomed. Onion, celery, garlic, carrot. If you can sautee stuff,sautee the veggies & galric, mix with the beef. Sautee the beef, throw in some worcester, soy, red wine into your sautee then sutff you some peppers. Wrap in tin foil and roast over a flame if you can’t bake them. As long as we’re discussing food, maybe you can just toss it all in a wok/fry pan and do it that way. we had some wok talks in the past and i forget if you got a wok or not. all these same ingredients will stir up nicely wokkified.

  3. No wok or fry pan but I think I can sautée the veggies sort of in my little kettle.
    Don’t have any foil but maybe I can find the cheap stores brand (food stamps doesn’t cover stuff like aluminum foil). But I could probably roast in the camp stove flame, don’t know if it’d taste like fuel though..but only one way to find out!

  4. Thank you Alyce!


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