Momentary bad mood passing

After I left the school campus and headed back to my stomping grounds, everything started going topsy turvy.

The kerosene I was putting in my lantern spilled everywhere but into the lantern, including all over my jeans. Guess I’ll be extra sure not to hold a match too close.

Then Keegan was acting like a dumb dog (which is seldom because she usually acts like the smart dog that she is) and wouldn’t move when I was trying to get my school stuff into the camper. Usually I use hand signals along with commands because I know her hearing is going, but this time my hands were full.

Then, the pain from my right hand finally screamed bloody murder without stopping for breath and after a full day of ignoring it I wanted to sob. Nothing to be done for it until the doctor agrees to the surgery. The PT/OT says there’s nothing they can do for it.

And, my camper is still dis-organized after the last storage visit and I’m tripping over stuff and there’s no room and things don’t have a place yet and sniff!

But.. I’m doing better now.

I cooked my pepper fillings, but couldn’t find my garlic so it was a bit flat. And I bought a dollars worth of hamburger from the grocery so I had meat in it. That all went not disastrously but when I was holding the tinfoil covered pepper over the flame it took a dive and the only way to save it was to turn the flame off. I *think* it was working though as the bottom part of the pepper was soft and more flavorful (the softness probably contributed to its taking a dive, I’m thinking a steamer basket might be useful) than was the top part.

I have some raw hamburger left over that Keegan is waiting very patiently for and even though I’ve dropped or knocked over my soda bottle at least 10 times in the past hour, the lid has always been on so it didn’t get all over everything.

Later this evening, when the crowds empty out I’ll go the the gym and do some walking and recreational reading and upload this via their wifi.

For a homeless person my day is entirely too eventful!

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