I am totally loving this gym thing!

I go in late so I avoid the crowds and I can have my choice of the equipment.

Tonight I did another hour and a half of gentle cardio, in a different order of machines than I did yesterday.

I’m sitting on the stretching mat, which is really cushy, and typing and stretching.

Since my nook apparently was on the entire day and was dead this evening I watched tv while I did my cardio. CSI-NY was pretty good. It looks like they’re trying to teach the audience a little bit of something along with the entertainment.
I asked the clerks at the desk if they could set one of the 10 tv’s to a soccer game or channel but they said no. đŸ˜¦

Tomorrow I have the dreaded squish exam (the women know what that is), can’t say that I’m looking forward to it but I’m grateful that I have the opportunity for it. One of those necessary inconveniences.

That’s all for tonight folks!

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