Tomorrow (today)

I haven’t seen the group for a few days now. That’s pretty normal for me though. Actually, I’ve seen them but haven’t stopped by to talk or hang out. I know they’ve seen me too. It’s sort of reassuring.

Anyway, I left some books at Dave’s camp the other day. I’m pretty sure he’ll know where they came from but I’m going to stop by tomorrow and see if any of the books were of interest to any of them.

I think that the campus bookstore will be open tomorrow and if it is I’ll go get my textbooks for this semester. I cannot wait for school to start! Totally nuts, I know.

I’m trying to get a cardboard box from one of the local stores so I can make a soccer goal, one of the Big Lot store employees told me that there shipment comes in tomorrow so I may go back by theree and see if I can pick up a nice mini-goal sized box.

Of course, now that I’ve been up all night reacquainting myself with some of my books that have been in storage (it’s like a long-lost love, this relationship I have with my books), I may fall asleep around 5am and sleep until mid-afternoon. :p

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