Good day.

Today I met up with one of my cousins and he bought me a Christmas present. A book of my choosing! I got a book with sections on knitting, crochet, embroidery, quilting/patchwork, and stitch work. It’s a reference book. In color! đŸ˜€

Then we got some Chinese takeout and sat on the tailbed of my truck catching up, it was comfy.

After he left I went to the local outdoor supply/sports place and got a new wick and some fuel for my little lantern.

Then I went grocery shopping for jugs of water for the camper and a loaf of bread. Not all that exciting really that part.

Then I came back to my usual area and parked in a slightly different spot. I should be out of the wind and away from the main highway noise. But it also allows me to just barely, but barely is enough, pick up the unsecured wifi of one of the shops now that it’s after hours and the shop is closed. So.. Updating the blog!

It was in the mid-70s today, on Jan 1st. That confuses me some but I try not to get to off balance about it. It is nice and cool tonight.

As my buddy Sam is always mentioning to me, I am curious what will happen this time next year. What is the turning of the wheel in the Mayan calendar? I am looking forward to seeing what, if anything, happens and how people react to it.

My new year has started off well, much better than last year started off in fact.
It may seem strange to read that knowing that I’m living in my truck, but..this place where I’m at is, I think, a better place for me right now than where I was then.

The uncertainties that I have now make more sense to me. The lessons that I’m learning are easier to apply.
It almost feels like I’m going back to the kindergarten of social skills; learning bits at a time, applying to very clear situations, no ambiguity, no judgement calls, only clear applications.
Now I know it isn’t as easy as I’m making it sound, it isn’t quite that clear cut and simple; but that’s the only way I can find to try snd describe the way the process feels to me.

I wonder if other people in my situation find this to be the case, or if, for them, it is exactly the opposite.

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  1. el gato negro

     /  January 2, 2012

    yay chinese takeout!!


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