Fuel for the lantern

A week or so ago I ha used the last of the lamp oil that I had been burning in my little camp lantern. I use the lantern for heat, not light, if that matters. 🙂

So I was commenting on this while sitting with the group and they, well, one of them specifically, but the rest all backed him up, said that I could burn vegetable oil in the lantern and it’d be cheaper. I didn’t believe them but them insisted so I decided I’d try it.

They got me. 🙂
Either it doesn’t work at all or I didn’t have the skill to get it to work.
I used to have an olive oil lamp so I know vegetable oils will burn but I couldn’t get it to burn in the lantern.

So yesterday I bought some more fuel and a newe wick. Today I washed out the lantern.

Tonight I will fill it with fuel and hopefully it will be happy again.
This is good because it’s already quite chilly out this evening.

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