I mentioned that the one of the women who is in the area has been hanging around the past two days. I’ve met her before but she’s been so drunk she didn’t remember me. She doesn’t remember me now but she does remember that someone new is there.

So anyway, I dropped by to check out the filing of the police report for the Christmas gunplay.
Both S (male) and L (female) were there. Going at it tongs and hammers.
Egads. The volume was escalating and the vitriol was mounting.
I took off again. Way too much activity there for my fragile senses.

Then L (female) followed me and kept repeating her side of the issue. I wasn’t interested, in either side. I haven’t seen squabblers like that since I was a kid, which is testament to how well I usually avoid that kind of thing. I had to be rather concrete in my speech to get across that I was going “that way” because I had some stuff I needed to take care of, “alone”. Very alone.

I saw Dave later and asked him what the deal was with the other two. He said they had once been a couple, in the general sense. I guess that makes sense.

But when the two of them show up in the same place I won’t be there!

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