They like me! :)

Yesterday several of the guys were hacking and coughing. It’s cold and damp and cedar season (allergies), combined with smoking and drinking.

One of them camps further around the area where I was parking so when he and I went that way I made him some ginger tea (tincture really, no tea involved) with honey and a drop of whisky. If I’d had lemon that would have been better but you gotta work with what you have.

So we sat there and chatted while he drank his cough syrup and I said something like “well.. I didn’t mean to offend you guys by saying you needed a hot drink with honey to sooth the coughs, cause I’m still getting to know you all”; he said “oh don’t worry about it, they all like you quite a lot” (not an exact quote but close).

And they’ve begun inviting me to their camps. So I know where they live, where they hang out, where they “hide” if they need too.

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