They *do* notice..

So yesterday I mentioned that my tire went poof.

Last night after all was fixed again I wandered over to see the guys (and in this instance, gal*).

They all wanted to know what was wrong with my truck because they’d noticed that it was on a jack.

This was interesting because only one of the guys “lives” on that side of the intersection where my truck was parked. So either they had visited the goodwill (they all got a goodwill gift card for christmas, and guess what they’re spending it on?**) and had wandered past my truck on the way back or they’d wandered over to see how I was. Either way, they did notice that the tire on the far side had been removed.

If you lose something or someone out somewhere on the roads, it might be a good idea to find the homeless community and see if they will tell you anything they might have noticed.

*The one gal in the group is Linda. I’ve met her before but never has she been sober enough to talk before. She’s been hanging out with the group the last day and a half.

**Books! They’re spending their goodwill cards on books.

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