Med starting to help. And a bit of the right nerve pinch.

When I press the right trigger point I can feel the muscles relax. It’s like a nail being pulled out of your flesh. But I can only hold the pressure point for so long.

It seems odd to me that the carpal tunnel hurts so bad when I don’t have any pain when the main nerve trigger points are pressed. I didn’t know about this until just a few years ago. When I learned in my martial arts class that all those moves were supposed to have me cowering with pain and they didn’t I suddenly clued in to a lot of confusing happenings earlier in my life. So *that’s* what people had been trying to do. No wonder they looked so confused; no wonder I couldn’t figure out what they were trying to do!

But it also gives me a way to deal with some of the really bad pain that I get occassionally. Pressing the nerve points doesn’t hurt me, it relieves the really bad pains, sometimes, to some extent.

If I was a scientist I’d want to dissect me after I died.

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