Holiday helpers.

There is a family in the area that has a little girl who’s birthday is on the 27th. Apparently, a couple years ago this young lady noticed homeless people and wanted to do something. So every year instead of presents this little girl drives around with her parents and they find all the regulars in the area and get a wish list from each person. Then, the day after christmas they take everyone out to the local IHOP type eatery for lunch. This clean clear family taking a bunch of dirty hobos into a restaurant for lunch. The guys know that they are dirty and smell so they always make me be the buffer, which is fine.

The guys invited me so I showed up this morning and the guys introduced me to the family.

They’re nice people and the 11 year old girl is a dog nut. She and her brother had a blast playing with Keegan after the meal.

Then they asked me if I needed anything and I said a couple marble notebooks and a decent pencil sharpener so they took me to HEB with them while they were getting groceries and got me my school supplies and some minutes on my wifi too!

I spent the time talking science with my kindred dog nut and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

As they were getting ready to leave the mom asked me if I’d like to help the munchkin with her homework as she needed a little one-on-one help with her math. The kid obviously loves science so the science may turn out to be the hook needed for the math. Handy that.

So I gave them my email addy and said that they should email me if they wanted to set something up. And they emailed me! Same day.
So I may have a bit of volunteer work this semester tutoring math and science. How cool would that be!?! 😀

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  1. Anonymous

     /  December 26, 2011

    Totally cool!!!


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