What to do, what to do…

My external drive is still being scanned and checked and fragged (ok, defragged), and so on and so on; so what to do with my day while I’m sitting here using a friend’s electricity? (ps. thanks friend!)

While I was making my one legged stool last night I saved the other half of what would have been an awesome Gandalf staff to serve as a closet rod.

So today so far has been moving stuff around, drilling, more moving stuff around, more drilling and screwing, a bit of unscrewing, a bit more moving stuff around, a bit more screwing, and then a moment to reflect.

It seems that I have a bit more usable space but also a bit more crowded, not as much open space in the middle.

I have a bit more drilling and screwing to attach eye hooks and coat hooks in various spots; to see what goes best where.

It will take a few days to see if it works.
But now my hand is hurting so I have to go do something non-hand involved, like read a book maybe.

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