hee hee!

I just walked to the grocery store and back. It’s a bit chilly so I was all bundled up with scarf and gloves.

About halfway there a black SUV zips by, slows, and the guy inside starts yelling stuff at me. Ends up with “can I come with you?” I said “if you want!”, laughed and kept walking.

So then I’m walking home. Same guy, different car, comes zipping by again, and this time he says “hey! me again! where ya going now?” I replied “now I’m walking home!” He says “want a ride?” I waved, said “naw, thanks!” and laughed.

While it’s difficult to write the exchange, it wasn’t creepy. The guy was hitting on me. He was polite, I appreciated the positive attention, and we both went on our way. It was amusing and made me laugh. 🙂

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