I think I posted the other day about installing my little kitchen nook.
In case I didn’t, I made myself a little counter with a cutout for the “sink” bucket. It fits the space really well. I can put my little stove in the “sink” and my pot is about level with the surface, a bit more stable, and if it does tip then the contents go into the sink instead of all over the camper.

Tonight I made stew.
I use a tin of “Roast Beef with Gravy”, some green bean noodles, some dried veggies, oh, and water. Everything but the noodles are pre-cooked and the bean noodles cook super fast.
Because the tinned beef already contains salt I don’t add any additional salt but I do add some pepper.

The whole process takes about 10 minutes.

Now that I have some freeze dried diced potatoes I might experiment with adding some potatoes to my next stew.

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