Preparation: staying clean

Staying clean is as important as staying safe. Staying clean can help keep you safe; as well as help you avoid a lot of trouble with the authorities.

But how to do it?
I’ve found that the easiest way is to buy a box of wet wipes. Brand doesn’t matter. I use the Costco brand; it’s the only supply that I purchase in Costco amounts.

It’s possible to keep yourself and your supplies clean using these wipes. It’s also discrete. They’re no substitute for a shower when you can find one but they will work well enough that you don’t smell during daily life.

I also use the wet wipes for cleaning my spork, my cup, any cookware. I clean my flat surfaces, windows, and my dog’s paws. They work well enough in situations where you can’t carry around spray bottles of specialized cleaners.

For more traditional bathing I’ve found 3-N-1 Cleansing Foam. It’s a liquid that foams when pumped and is used in many hospital/home care situations to bathe persons that can’t bathe themselves.
This cleanser can be used without rinsing.
You can wash your hair as well, though you are supposed to dampen your hair before using the cleanser as shampoo.
Here’s the website of the brand I’m using:
This product stores well, travels well, and is easy to use. No worry about spilling it either as it foams when it leaves the container.
There are many other brands available; it’s likely that a medical supply retailer in your area would have this type of product.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  December 19, 2011

    Rachel I don’t know how big Austin is but it does seem big since you only go to the post office twice a month because of gas. But I was wondering if possibly the Anytime Fitness is close to you (there is one in the town, just don’t know where it is). I have been a member for a little over a month, I love it. Why I am saying this is is that it is 24 hrs, and they use a key fob to get in 24/7. They have a shower. I know I would be able to donate to you for this $10 a month, probably others could donate something. Do you think this is a possibility? You could shower every day if you wanted. Use the treadmill then shower!! Just a thought, let me know. I can donate every 3rd, that is when I get my social security check.

  2. Anonymous

     /  December 19, 2011

    PS my rate is $30 a month, don’t know what it would be there. I could check if you needed me to.

  3. Anonymous

     /  December 20, 2011

    Rachel? What do you think of this idea?

  4. I was initially trying to do something like this with the local YMCA as it was within walking distance from the school campus I attend (no gym or facilities at the campus) and it had a pool (I prefer swimming laps to jogging on a treadmill).
    But they never managed to get to my application (over 3 months they’ve had) so I’ve given up.
    I could probably go in and get one of the “standard reduced” plans, maybe… they want me to prove my income and as you know.. it’s a bit difficult to prove something you don’t have.
    But at this point I don’t know if I could in good conscious sign up for a plan because I don’t know if I could pay it every month.
    I know *I* don’t have the income coming in every month, even $20 or $30, to guarantee payment every month.
    If there was a verbal commitment from whoever that yeah, they wanted to donate $10 or $20 every month for the gym membership I’d go for it in a heartbeat!

  5. Anonymous

     /  December 21, 2011

    So Anytime Fitness is too far away? What I think would be the benift there is that it’s 24/7 and you can come and go as you like. Can you go and find out about the Y again? I can put $10 a mo in your PayPal. Anyone else?

  6. Anytime Fitness is too far away but PLANET FITNESS is right down the street from the school.

    It has 3 different plans ( but all require a 12 month commitment and come out of a checking account automatically.

    I think the $20 a month plan would be better because I could use the clubs all over the city regardless of where I’m parked. This plan doesn’t have any startup fee.

    There is also the $10 a month plan with a $50 startup fee that is good for that one club.

    They’re open 24 hours M-F but close at 9pm on Friday and are only open 7am-7pm Sat and Sun. Not bad though for that price!

  7. Anonymous

     /  December 21, 2011

    Well I can send $10 every 3rd if you can drum up either a commitment of another $10 for the $20 plan or the $50 startup. Maybe post this as a new post so everyone can see it. I’m never notified of replies only new posts.


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