My MAPS Adventures – contains “girl stuff”

MAPS is the state funded healthcare for poor people in Texas.

I resisted applying for MAPS and “Lonestar” (the food stamps program) far longer than I should have.

And, the applying part was difficult. The standing in lines in crowded buildings full of loud people and fussy children, the petty and power hungry security guards, the humiliation.

But the clinics themselves, in my opinion, are amazing.
I’m still full of wonder days later.

The bad part was that even though I was in the system I couldn’t actually get into the clinics because all the clinics were full and not accepting new patients.

But… since I ended up calling from the emergency room with a pre-existing condition that required a follow-up (and possibly surgery) they found a cancellation at one of the clinics. That clinic became *my* clinic, regardless of it’s location. The clinic isn’t anywhere near where I usually hang out but I do know where it’s at and how to get there because it’s literally half a block from one of the school campuses and I’d taken classes there one semester. This also means that the bus runs by there.

So the cancellation was the next day at 8am. I’m thinking to myself, no wonder it’s a cancellation, 8am, ick. But it was fine for me. I drove over the night before, parked in the lot, set my alarm, and was signing in bright and early for my appt.

The doctor checked out the reason I was there and then proceeded to quiz me on previous medical history and care. When he found out that I hadn’t had any consistent care in quite some time he said “well, we’d better get you all caught up then!”. I got a flu shot and a tetanus shot that day. I go back in a couple weeks to get the TB skin test. Then the Women’s Wellness exam, then the mammogram, then the OT for the wrist and thumb, and an appt for the psych branch of the clinic, which I didn’t even know existed. So I will still be able to get my psych meds prescribed.
Then he wrote a prescription for my existing migraine meds. Since the migraine meds aren’t on some list, he sent me down the hall to talk to the pharmacy rep person who coordinates with the drug companies for free meds. So I *will* be able to get my migraine meds.
Oh yeah, lest I forget, I’m one of those people who’s body has never been “regular” and bc pills have helped enormously in the past. But they are expensive when you have limited income. Through a couple of questions about usefulness of the pills for standardizing cycles and hormones etc etc he asks “would you *like* to be back on the pills?”. I say “oh yes! Can you do that?” Yup.

I was amazed!

Oh, and the dental clinic will do cleanings and simple fillings. I’m off to see the dentist! (I hate going to the dentist… but it’s worth it.)

So if you’re eligible for the state health care plan and are putting it off because of pride or thinking others need it more or for whatever reason you can think of.. don’t put it off any longer. Take a friend to keep you balanced if the lines and pettiness of authority figures cause problems so you can get through the process; the clinic itself could actually be very different, in a good way!

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  1. Katy

     /  December 19, 2011

    Wonderful news!

  2. Jerryprism

     /  December 19, 2011

    you can thank a politician for your healthcare. I don’t no wwhich one, but if it ever comes to light, thank him or her.


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