Jettisoning “stuff”

I’ve been trying to get rid of all my stuff, though invariably I get rid of some stuff that I didn’t intend to get rid of.
But still I’ve got a storage unit full of stuff that could be useful to someone and is still worth a fair bit.
So I’m trying to sell it, craigslist, ebay, etc.

No one is buying. Maybe my stuff just isn’t interesting or it’s the wrong season or the population I need isn’t buying, whatever.
Meanwhile, I’m still paying storage fees.

People keep telling me “you should sell this on …blah blah….”
I’m trying!

I think though that it’s time to just start giving it to Goodwill. It’s fast becoming a gamble of if I make enough off its sale to cover the cost of storing it.

This rather hurts.

I’m pretty sure the Buddhists would have something helpful and completely non-understandable about this but I can’t even afford a fortune cookie to find out.*

*yes, I know it isn’t the Buddhist faith that is associated with fortune cookies. But why let facts get in the way of a good analogy?

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  1. Anonymous

     /  December 18, 2011

    What is it you are trying to sell? Maybe someone here can buy some of it.

    • Some moto gear, a “wobble board” – a balance board for rehab and/or fitness, some books, etc.
      I could post them on the blog I suppose. Put a link to them on the right hand side with a button. Good idea?

  2. The Buddhist solution is to get rid of your desire to sell anything or to keep anything, or any desire whatsoever. After all, desire is the cause of suffering. Now, the way to get rid of desire, according to Buddhism, is to follow the eight fold path. So google the “eight fold path,” and all your problems will be solved.


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