Another first for me..

getting “expelled” from the library.

I guess now that the weather is getting bad more homeless people are trying to take refuge in the library. They’re getting pissy.

Apparently the rules that have never been enforced before (I didn’t even know about it) are now being enforced.
I went in to drop off some books and use the computer. I had a couple bites of a piece of bread still in my hand. the woman says “You’re not bringing that in here!” I said “no worries, last bite!” and chewed it up. I then headed over to the oomputers and she sent a security guard after me. Apparently my closed soda container was also forbidden (though the woman didn’t say any thing about the soda so I was caught completely by surprise by her yelling for security, see previous note about not knowing the rule), even though they have vending machines IN the library. So I ask him if he can put it behind the security desk, he gets offended and starts spouting at me. So I say ok and put it in the corner outside so I can pick it up again when I leave. That also is forbidden, my soda bottle is not allowed anywhere on library property, even outside. By now I’m staring the guy in disbelief and he’s raising his voice and telling me I have to leave. So I leave, put the soda back in my camper down the street and come back. Now there’s two MORE security guards who meet me at the door and tell me I’m not allowed to come back because I’m breaking rules and causing trouble. What the fuck!

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  1. That just makes me mad.

    By the way, you left two of your books over here that I think came from the library.

  2. Ann G

     /  December 17, 2011


    Meanwhile, in San Francisco, there is a social worker on staff at the main library to help the homeless patrons there connect with services. (There was a bit about them on a Snap Judgement rerun recently ) Everywhere is different.


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