at least it’s not broken..

My right hand has been giving me some trouble the last few weeks. First I lost grip strength, then my fingers started going numb. Then came the fierce aching. Then, oh joy, came the catch, boing! red spots, loss of breath, and gradual re-awareness of surroundings and self.

So I went to the ER.
I’ve been on the state’s indigent health care plan for several months but i haven’t been able to get in to see a doctor because even though I’m on the plan I’d still be a new patient. And none of the clinics were accepting new patients.

Several hours later, after much pain and one VERY annoyed doctor* later I have a splint, pain pills (thank goodness), and a note to my primary care doc to refer me to an orthopedic surgeon.

After more pain, mental this time, and use of the local phone line at the ER I was lucky enough to get the just canceled spot at one of the clinics across town. It’s at 8am.

The scheduling person said that it may turn out that the primary doc wants to wait a week to see if the swelling goes down before they decide anything and that i may have to get back there next week. BUT!!! Tomorrow’s visit will have put me into the system. Whew.

In the meantime, ow.

*I told doc where it hurt. I warned him that it got fairly severe at that spot. It seems that I grabbed his arm rather forcefully, I vaguely remember blocking his grip and moving his arm preparatory to a throw, but managed to stop that motion and just hold on tightly.
I did apologize profusely, but I did warn him.
He was very firm that I remove my hand from his arm right this minute.
He looked a bit frightened and I felt bad about that, he was a very nice doctor.
I console myself that at least he was able to get a good grip comparison between hands.

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  1. Katydid

     /  December 14, 2011

    Hmmm. Did this start when you started knitting?

  2. Maybe you should cut down on the knitting.


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