What I did today..

Most importantly I started doing some things that I should have done a month ago but couldn’t face doing. I started putting some of my things on craigslist. Things I’ve carried with me through 7 or 8 moves, maybe more. Things I don’t want to get rid of. But, it’s started now and that was the most difficult part.

I also did some more work on my camper. I readjusted the braces for my tailgate porch and painted all bits that were new since the last paint job.

This morning, before I started everything, I walked to the grocery store and got some fruit and soda and a doughnut. The delectable sugar bomb (with lemon filling) was in the pastry bag, in the plastic grocery bag, and in the little cardboard carry box. While I was outside painting, Keegan, my darling fuzzball, managed to open all three barriers between her and the doughnut. All without making any noise. By the time my spidey senses were tingling and I glanced inside, Keegan was standing over an empty pastry bag looking mostly innocent. She still hasn’t managed to ever look completely innocent.
I don’t know whether to be proud and amazed that after 13 years she’s learned to be sneaky or to be miffed that she ate my lemon filled doughnut.

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  1. topothemornin

     /  December 12, 2011

    Keegan probably knows that you would never have simply GIVEN her the donut. She did what she had to do.

  2. Keegan only understands part of the “what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is yours” concept.
    The first part.


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