My latest knitting project.

A couple days ago I started on a scarf.

What I have done so far is really cool! It’s red, blue, and yellow, with black edging. It’s also very very warm being a double thickness.

What I’m trying to figure out now is “Intarsia” knitting. I need to make another two sections that are vertical strips of blue and red. Some of the stripes are only one stitch wide so I can’t knit the strips separately and then sew them together (like I did with the first part of the scarf.
It sounds like a very simple technique but so far I’ve only made a huge mess of it. But.. since it does seem to take me a day or so to figure out the most simple of new techniques I’ll give myself another day to mull over it. Then it will probably click.

When it’s finished I’ll post a picture.

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