Preparation: I’m going to be homeless next month! What do I do?

In my opinion, the best preparation is facing the fact that your funds are running out before they run out.

It’s all very fine to talk to yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that something will come along before you get kicked out of your apartment/house.
But being practical will cause less stress in the long run.

If you have enough money for two more months of rent, take a realistic look at where you will be at the end of that two months. List your possible assets.

Do you have family to bunk with? Old school friends who would rent the extra room for a pittance?
Do you have a car? Do you have a tent? Does your town have a tent city (sanctioned or non-sanctioned)?

Are you male or female? Do you have children?
Many shelters provide care to only one demographic, find out if the shelters around your area can serve you. Visit the shelter to find out if you could feel safe staying there.

Are you a member of any social or cultural groups? For instance, if you’re Catholic you may be able to find shelter in a private shelter that focuses on providing care to members of the Catholic faith.

Are you currently in school or a member of a pre-paid physical fitness center? You may be able to park in those lots regularly without being hassled. You may have access to showers and safe places to wait inside if the weather is too extreme.

It is better to leave your apartment before you burn through your last penny. Use that last months rent to outfit yourself with the bare essentials you’ll need.

Your essentials will vary depending on your assets.
If you have the option of living with your parents, or older relatives, or somewhere else that is stable, then you probably don’t need to buy the 10 degree sleeping bag.
If you’re going to be spending your nights in your car in the middle of winter then a good sleeping bag can keep you alive.

If you have a vehicle you will need to make sure that your registration and inspection are paid up to avoid any problem with police (they will stop you at some point, it’s better to have all your legalities covered so they can’t tow your vehicle).
If you have a vehicle make sure that you keep enough funds out to be able to have enough gas to move from place to place every day.

My point is that if you know it’s coming, prepare for it. Too many people try to ignore it, think that if they ignore it then they’ll be able to skate across it somehow at the last minute.

Make a list of the possible places you’ll be staying.
Make a list of assets or traits you have available to use.
Make a list of what you think you’ll need to survive in the most likely places you might end up staying.
Sign up for any state services that you may qualify for, food stamps, children’s healthcare, vet service for your pet, etc etc.
Find a postbox and prepay it for a year so you can get official mail.
Purchase the one or two essential items you will need to survive for your most likely location.
Leave your apartment/house with as much money in your pocket/bank account as you can.

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