Keegan and The Hammock

Yesterday I wrote something about trying to see if I could put Keegan in the hammock with me on the really cold nights as she’s getting a bit old and chills easier than she used too.

Last night I used a full flat sheet and tied both ends with two separate knots so that it was a little more spread than just a single knot.

Once I got Keegan in it and settled it worked quite well.

It wasn’t really cold last night though so after a few hours she warmed up and wanted out.
She got out much easier than she got in.
We’re going to have to figure out some process for getting her IN the hammock. I have an idea, I had trained her previously to stop kicking/swimming when I was holding her in water; this was so she wouldn’t accidentally kick me while I was lifting her out of the water or holding her while in the water. I think I can alter this training to work with the hammock.

I feel pretty confident now though that on the cold nights she’ll be warm enough in the hammock with me and I won’t freeze out sharing my sleeping bag with her.

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  1. Katy

     /  December 11, 2011

    Warm fuzzy in the hammock!


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