How cold is it?

I know I keep talking about the weather, how cold it gets, how good my sleeping bag is, and so on, but really, it is all about staying warm right now.

I’ve been keeping track of the weather and my activity level and what I need to do to keep the temperature in my camper at a bearable level.

Some of the data has surprised me.

50 degrees is comfortable to me now (again, rather, when I lived up north 50 degrees was pretty comfortable too, but that was a decade ago).

I start noticing that it’s chilly at about 45 degrees.

At 40 degrees I start thinking “it’s cold in here” and looking to see if it’s time to go to bed yet (bed = warm sleeping bag).

At 35 degrees I tell the world to spin on without me and curl up in silk and down.
At this temperature I also bundle Keegan up though she’s usually out of the covers again by morning.

I can keep the camper at about 43 degrees inside, with an outside temp of low 30’s, by burning an oil lamp and pillar candle.
Below 30 degrees and the inside gets cold as well.
The oil lamp gives off the most heat and is my frequent hand warmer.

When I’m sitting in the camper typing or knitting or studying or whatever, I’m usually wearing a hat, a scarf, fleeces, fuzzy socks, sometimes fingerless gloves, and sometimes my down vest.

But I’m notin danger of freezing to death.

It’s doable.

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