It’s really amazing what you can get used to.

While it is quite chilly (38* with a “feels like 28*) here right now I find that I’m not too terribly inconvenienced. It’s holding in the low 40’s in my camper for now.

It’s also true that I have several layers on my core, have a blanket and sleeping bag on the floor, and have 50lbs of canine to help keep the space warm.

Keegan has an extra blanket to squirrel into, on top of her doubled over sheepskin and polar fleece blanky.

It is cold but not cold enough that I’m going to suffer.

And.. since I’m parked conveniently right now if I find that it is too cold I can go bang on someone’s door. Though I want to see how well Keegan and I do now because in another week or so we’ll be on our own again.

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  1. el gato negro

     /  December 6, 2011

    brrr… finally got to 32f here today. freezing fog, the whole bit. :p


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