Brrr! Or “Would you go to a new colony world?”

The other day I asked someone “If space colonization were possible and you had the opportunity to pioneer a new planet, would you go?”

I had reason to think of this again today. When I went to bed, it was warm, in the 70’s. I woke up freezing.
Not that it was freezing actually but I was shivering, even curled into a ball.

I have my lanterns lit in an effort to take a bit of the chill off.

I forget, conveniently I suppose, that if I were to move to a new world, it wouldn’t be all ‘Stargate Atlantis’, with usable technology and plenty of power.
It would be waking up to a non-preferable temperature, outhouses of some sort, probably boring and often cold food, and limited communication.

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  1. I’d be willing to suffer for such an incredible novelty. You asked me the other day if I’d be willing to go to Mars or something if I knew I’d never make it back alive. Yes, I would!

  2. Tim

     /  December 6, 2011

    Remember Earth 2?

  3. yup. But even in that series they had quite a bit of technology with them. They weren’t freezing or sweltering or fighting small buzzing biting insects.


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