These are the first three hats I’ve done.

The multi-coloured one is my favorite though my buddy Sam likes that one the least. 🙂

The green one is tiny and should fit my little three year old cousin well. The colour will definitely suit her.
I’ve put it on a size 1 soccer ball for the photo.

The brown one is larger and contains my first stripes. It turned out really well. I had my buddy Sam try it on for fit and it’s a snug fit so I’m concerned it might be too small for the guys I made it for.

I’ve started another one for the set for my homeless friends. I want to give them a small selection to choose from since I don’t have a real good idea of sizes.




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  1. Katydid

     /  November 30, 2011

    Hey, looking good! You’re picking this up really quickly!

    • Thanks Katy. 😀
      You don’t get to see all the ones I rip out!
      I’m learning an amazing amount just from the mistakes I make, how to alter patterns mostly. heh..

  2. That brown and blue one is definitely my favorite. It looks kind of orange in the picture, though.


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