Knitting is coming along…

According to the results of the poll, I learned the perl stitch.
Then I found out that my buddy Sam had by-tracked the cookie tracking and voted three times. Bad Sam! 🙂

But then I started working on a hat. It’s cool! And much much easier than I thought. It also takes less time than a scarf.

I’ve also started learning about the qualities of different yarns.
My first project was my scarf and it was made from a bamboo blend. It’s incredibly soft and nicely stretchy.
My second project is the knit cap and it’s made of 100% acrylic. It’s scratchy, hard, and not very stretchy. But it’s very fun and colorful!
I also have a skein of virgin wool with the lanolin still in it. It’s soft, but a bit scratchier than the bamboo, and a bit heavier. I’m planning on making a scarf with a built in hat out of the yarn, then felting it. That project will take a lot of time I think.

I want to make more stocking caps, with different stitches.

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  1. I found this one on line, and it’s pretty easy. I also discovered last night that using double ended needles is a whole lot easier when your stitches get too small for the circular needle.


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