It isn’t fair!

I was talking with my psyche last week. I was asking why some people say “But it will get better someday! You have a good 40 years of life yet!”
I was trying to understand why people will ignore reality all around them and insist that some day in the future, maybe at deaths door, something will happen that will make an entire life of suffering worthwhile.

His suggestion was that people believe what they must to prove that the world is fair.

I don’t know why people have the need to pretend the world is fair. It isn’t.
Bad things happen to innocent people. Bad people get away with anything.

If a person can’t accept that the world isn’t fair, then they must blame the person who is suffering.
If the world is fair, then bad things will only happen to people who deserve it.

I suppose I must believe what I believe to prove that I am a decent person.
I believe the world isn’t fair.
Some people are fortunate to have good genes, good upbringing, and good luck. Some people are fortunate enough to have any of the three. And some people are unfortunate enough to not have any of the three.

I believe that some good people who work as hard as they can will never succeed. Not because they’re bad, or cursed, but because that is what they have and where they are. It isn’t fair that they may work 60 years, be diligent with their earnings, raise their children with love and patience, and they die penniless in the cold and wet. But it happens.

Then I asked my psyche why some people say “But G-d will never give you more than you can bear.”
Is this god fair? What’s fair about Job’s story? What’s fair about modern day Jobs?
The answer was the same, people need to believe that someone has control. If someone is in control then that person will be fair.

Why can’t people accept that life is what happens, fairness be damned.

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  1. This is exactly what I’ve thought for years. You are speaking my mind.

  2. Jerryprism

     /  November 26, 2011

    Your POV is the reason the Jewish code of ethics makes sense. There is no afterlife, so you have to make this life work. You have to make it be the best it can be for yrself & others. God made it the best of all possible worlds but we fouled it up. So we have to work to make it better. There is no second chance, just this one chance. Make it the best you can for yourself & for others


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