first hat done!

Well, it *is* a hat. Just a bit of an odd hat.

I think it actually turned out pretty well considering its the first one I’ve ever made. And I learned a lot about reducing stitches in patterns to adjust the shape of the hat.

It ended up being a bit of a short walled bucket hat. 🙂
It has a rolled brim, the sides, and then a flat top.

It isn’t good enough to give to anyone but it’s cute.

I’ve spent most of this evening trying to learn how to make ribbing.
I’ve finally managed it using straight needles. But I still have no idea how to do it on round needles and make it come out correctly. It will probably take me another couple days to figure that out.

Oh! And I learned how to use double pointed needles today too. Much easier to close a hat off with the double pointed needles than it is the circular needle.

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