Decoration? Or camouflage?

In the quest to make my camper look more like an RV type of setup I am putting out a call for stickers.

From anywhere! (even Pennsylvania) 😀

I guess the sticker craze these days is the oval airport designation black on white style but I’m not picky. Any style, from anywhere.

I figure I’ve either been there or I can plan on being there some day in the future.

My address is:
PO Box 2746
Austin TX

Also, if anyone has any ideas about how to make a sign that says something like “This vehicle accelerates slowly, please either pass or be patient.” let me know.

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  1. el gato negro

     /  November 20, 2011

    there is proper signage for slow moving vehicles.

    GFTS: slow moving vehicle sign

    • Jack Lewis

       /  November 22, 2011

      Those look kind of expensive, and are terribly lacking in wit. I prefer the one displayed on many a microbus: “ZERO TO SIXTY IN TEN MINUTES.”

  2. My truck can’t even reach 60 anymore. Not even going downhill. 🙂


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