Heating my camper

I’ve mentioned before that the only heat I have in my camper is either an oil lamp or a pillar candle.

My camper is well-ventilated enough to burn both inside. Think of an old old farmhouse, before it was updated in the 20s. Got the idea? Some call it drafty, I call it ventilated. 🙂

Anyway, I had the oil lamp hanging from the ceiling but I was missing all that glorious heat as it rose up and out. I haven’t gotten the camper insulated yet.

So I hung the lamp on a long bungie cord. The bottom of the lamp just touches the floor, barely.
If its bumped it doesn’t tip over, just sways a bit. And, since it’s down low the heat is coming up.

It’s warmed up considerably in the past 15 minutes.

Getting up tomorrow though, after a night with no heat, is going to be downright chilly.

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  1. Are you still planning on getting some foam board insulation?


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