But what do you do all day?

A couple people have asked me what I do during the day now that I’m homeless.

First, I’m still attending classes at the local junior college so I’m either in school or in the library much of the time.

When I’m not at school I do some of the same things everyone else does, get groceries, do laundry at the laundromat, and so on.

On the days I need for myself I typically do some sort of handicraft interspersed with throwing sticks for Keegan. Some of the time I simply sit in my hammock staring at nothing while I keep a hand on Keegan, who lays right beneath my hammock.
Sometimes I lay on the floor of my camper, looking out the door and watch the traffic go by.
These days I try not to think, but that seldom works out the way I hope.
Some days, the difficult days I may only open the door to let Keegan out to do her business and then back in. At those times I don’t remember what I do, probably nothing.

I can’t really describe what I do. I think it’s letting my mind close down so it can heal, or maybe just rest. Lots of times my mind goes away and I have no memory of that time. From what I can tell I just stop. Several hours later I will “wake up” in the same position and place that I remember last. That happens more often these days.

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  1. Jerryprism

     /  November 17, 2011

    Sounds like meditation. Buddha sitting by the riverside and watching the flow. I used to compare life to being a butterfly. You flit along with the breezes, sip a,little nectar, do your thing and then you pass to e next realm.


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