Hint for other Homeless

I’d sort of forgotten about this but wanted to mention it.

Most states have a program for medical care for the very poor. What most of us don’t know it that there are also provisions for the homeless.

I take meds to help me stay level. But being homeless I can’t go to a doctor, I can’t even get into the doctors who work in the “welfare” clinics, no new patients, even if I’m in the program I can’t get any service.

BUT… the emergency rooms will refill my psych meds if I run out.
I don’t know what they’ll do when the prescription is out, my hope is that they’ll refill it based on how long I’ve been taking it, my word about it’s effectiveness, and their evaluation of my current sanity.

So if you’re homeless and haven’t been able to get into your state’s poor person health program (or in to see a doctor yet due to the waiting list), figure out a way to get to the closest hospital and show them what you’ve been taking. They’ll make sure you need the meds you need to stay balanced.

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  1. Hiya… just stumbled across your blog today, am reading through the archives. My husband and I are recently homeless, although we do have a safe place to sleep at night on a friend’s floor. My husband works part time, and I spend most of my day at the library.

    I’m glad that you will still have access to health care. Our state recently cut back on it’s health care program… now, if you’re an adult between 18-65 with NO kids under 18, and not already on disability/medicaid, you DO NOT qualify for health care, no matter what your income is. My son turned 18 in October, and my disability has not yet been approved, so I was cut off. This was devastating to me, as I have several health issues (including depression) that I am on several medications for, and I see 6 specialists. Well, I did. Since we now have to pay full price for everything, I have cut down to the three meds I absolutely cannot do without (the pain med for my fibromyalgia, the med for my nerve damage, and my high blood pressure med). I’m taking the lowest possible dose I can get away with, since I can’t afford the full dose. If I were taking everything I’m prescribed at the correct dose, the cost would be well over 3000 dollars a month. As it is, we’re scraping to come up with the costs of what little I’m taking.

    Please do everything you can to stay caught up on your health care. The main reason I’m as sick as I am now, is because for the past three years while I was unemployed thanks to the economy, I was not able to access health care, and my medical issues deteriorated to the point where now I am unable to work.

    Good luck to you and your dog!

  2. Hello kumbha,

    I just found out recently that if you have the prescriptions already that a lot of drug companies have a program where they will give you the meds you need at a greatly reduced or FREE price. (whether this would be necessary if the drugs were affordable in the first place is another topic).
    I get my migraine meds this way.

    If you have access to computers at the library…
    Look up the manufacture of the drug, go to the companies website, search for a phone number, then call and ask for the customer care or reduced medicine plan or anything along those lines. You’ll likely be given a different number. They will send you a form that you have to fill out and send back.

    I don’t know what to do if you’ve run out of prescriptions. Are their any county health offices where you live? You might be able to take your current scrips in and have the doc just renew them without all the rigmarole of different docs. They seem more likely to do that if you have an established history of the meds and you know what works for you.

    I hope some of this might have been new to you, and therefore helpful. It is discouraging to have already tried everything that is suggested.


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