Better today.

Last night it rained, and there was thunder. It was cool enough to need a light blanket but not cold. I left the top part of the door open and the window away from the road and watched the rain fall.
It was nice.

Today the skies are cloudy, the weather is cool but not cold, and the smell of rain is still in the air.

I love it.

I still have a lot of decisions to make. I can’t put them off forever.
And these are pretty big decisions. The kind that point your life a direction that you can’t ever return from. Sure, you may try and gradually curve back around to the other path but you’ll never quite get there and the long winding road ends being the road rather than the one you’re trying to get to.
Errr… anyway. My way of saying I have to make some choices and I have no idea what to do.
But today I’m okay with that. I’m not putting it off any longer, I’m letting the many factors simmer in the back of my mind, not quite in the subconscious range but not at the front of my mind either. That’s how my mind works best.
(I’ve done some of my best homework/studying while I was asleep; the problems get worked out in detail while I’m watching, it’s not the most restful sleep but sometimes it’s useful.)

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