Kicked out again.

So much for thinking I was okay in abandoned areas.

It’s really nice out so I left the window away from the street open.
Too much attention.
I got two cars, one on each side. And two cops from both sides. (I think there was only one cop per car but it’s almost impossible to tell with two floodlights trained on you.)

I might actually start to think I’m dangerous if they keep this up.

Fortunately Keegan was a good girl and stayed in the camper and I don’t think they ever saw her.
They tend to get really nervous if they see Keegan.

I want to say I’m angry but I’m not sure that’s the right word.
I’m frustrated certainly. And that typically leads to anger.

I want to rail at something but I don’t have anything specific to rail at.

It isn’t society’s fault I am what I am, but it isn’t my fault either.

I’ve shown good faith by managing to function as a productive member of society for 25 years now, I’m willing to continue doing what I’m capable of though society won’t allow me to do that.

I haven’t really recovered from last week yet, I can tell that by reading what I write. It’s one reason I do write, so I can gauge my mental status and place my boundaries as needed.

While the police were polite enough, it’s the continuation of this behaviour of our civilization that makes me wish to drive out into some sort of wilderness and live or die as the elements and my wits dictate.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  November 14, 2011

    Is there a place out of town that would be safe, quiet and less apt to get you harrassef? Alyce


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