Christmas tree vendors are taking the homeless spots

Something I hadn’t ever thought of before is now becoming apparent. All those small independent vendors of Christmas trees are using the space that the homeless people usually use.

Several of my usual spots down on the south end of town are now either blocked off for tree lots or are too close to tree lots to avoid notice.

When the tree lots are tucked in around the empty lots and pull-offs they draw people in, people who walk all around the lots, poking into the back to find just that perfect tree, wandering over behind the lot to see if there might be a fresher tree coming in. Or who knows what. I just know that now there’s people where there shouldn’t be.

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  1. Katydid

     /  November 14, 2011

    Huh. It gives a whole new interpretation to that part in MacBeth about Dunsinane Wood creeping up on the castle!

    Incidentally, have you considered the visitors’ parking spots in condominium complexes? Find seven good ones, especially where the visitors’ parking is away from the regular unit parking, and rotate. Might work.

    Best wishes,


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