Remember last week when I said I was making nets?

Here’s a few I’ve made so far.




Anyone want one?

They’re dead useful. Carry your mail and everything.(1)
Color depends on what I can find at the yarn racks.
I’m best so far at the sling style, like the pink one.
I’m still working on the string bag style, it works but isn’t the shape I want. This would be the light green (green and white) one with the soda bottles in it.
I’ve got an idea for a smaller bag style but haven’t been able to find a ring of sufficient size and lightweight enough yet. This would look like the one holding my soccer ball but instead of having the small ring at the top would have something larger.. or.. I think I just figured it out! I can make a bag style.. I think.

(1) Hagrid to Harry in book one about getting Hedwig

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  1. Alyce Aber

     /  November 13, 2011



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