My Onboard Library

I promised more pictures so I’ll try and post some regularly.

Of course the software has bugs so I’ve spent the last hour and a half reconfiguring so that it’ll work again. Hopefully that won’t be the case each time I use it!

Anyone that knows me knows that books are a huge factor in my life. In fact, most of the boxes in my little 5×5 storage unit are books.

But, in the camper, weight is an issue. My truck is only a 4 cylinder and books weigh a ton.

So here are the books in my permanent collection, as of now.

As time passes I’ll hopefully get more and more of my books in ebook form.
Note the prominent placement of the ereader. šŸ˜€


Anyone know HTML code to rotate this?

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  1. Anonymous

     /  November 13, 2011

    Could you save weight buy using wire shelves? They have wire crates that you could fasten to the walls. They come in squares them also maybe putting a square fastened on one side that you can hook over the front to keep them in place instead of the cords. Just a thought.

  2. Wire shelves don’t work well with books in my experience. I’ve had wire shelving before but always lined the shelves with cardboard to save the books.

    The wood worked well because I could easily cut it to the length and shape I needed.

    I don’t connect much to the plywood itself because it isn’t thick enough. I fasten everything to the 2×4’s that run the length and width of the camper.


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