For such a smart dog I sometimes wonder how she can be so completely clueless about some doggy issues.

For example, how difficult is it to understand that when you have a leash on and wrap it around a tree that you have to unwrap the leash?
She hasn’t figured this out yet and it’s been several weeks now.

She figured out that “trade” meant swap places with me within a few days. Which is not to be confused with “scootch”, which means move further over in the direction you already are.

But still, the leash… She gets tangled up and than sits there like a little lost puppy waiting to be rescued from the snow.

My beautiful dog.


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  1. Lara

     /  November 12, 2011

    I have _never_ known a dog who coudl figure out the go back arouns the other direction thing. I think they can’t tell clockwise from anti-clockwise. I know I can’t.

  2. If I stand there and direct her she’ll do it. But I have to be within her line of sight(1) and give directions, she can’t figure it out herself.

    (1) she’s losing her hearing I think. She’ll respond immediately to hand signals but just stands there’re and stares at you if you speak a command. Hence being in her line of sight to give commands.


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