How I spent my day.

Well first I got up at a leisurely hour. Keegan did her thing and got some quality sniffing time in. Then we packed up and headed downtown to the post office. Which was closed, see a previous post for my rant on that.

Then we headed to the library. Not much luck there either. I couldn’t log onto their wifi and apparently Spanish speaking adolescents don’t read (and their parents only read self-help or romances).

So we left and cruised back through downtown on our away south to find a place to hang out.

There was a group of people carrying signs about supporting Egypt that had almost as many policemen walking along (working, not participating) as it did sign-carriers.

Then there was the Occupy group on the steps of city hall. That looked mostly like a camping spot for the homeless people. There were a few young people on BMX bikes, but everyone else looked homeless.

So then we trundled south and I found a little gadget that let’s me send my camera photos directly to my iPad. The setup and learning curve took the rest of the afternoon. But it works now!

After that I pounded in some staples to fix one side of the Velcro to the walls of the camper. I can now remove my blackout curtains without fear of the Velcro coming unstuck from the wall.

It’s dark now. Keegan wanted to come inside so we’re hanging out together.
I’m going to make some soup and then we may stay here for the night and see what happens.

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