Yes, I still have nightmares. I likely always will.

I have nightmares that start from when I was a child and morph into when I was an adult.
Sometimes I wake up swinging, I’ve learned not to put anything breakable or with sharp edges within reach of my bed.
This is better than waking up screaming, which I don’t do so much anymore.
It’s better than waking up whimpering, wanting to scream but knowing it will be worse if I do. This still happens.

I don’t attribute the behaviour I experienced so much of to all men. I’ve lived long enough now that I’ve seen a few good men.

I don’t believe that all women are heartless or selfish.

But I do have a better understand of the story of Abraham pleading for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. If he (Abraham) could find 10 “good” people in the city then the city would saved.
Humanity is the city (any of the 4 plains cities destroyed, take your pick).
I feel that humanity, as a whole, should be eliminated. Let the universe, or whatever is outside the universe, start again.
But should the good things that individual people do carry enough weight to save the entire race?
Is one person’s art (music, paintings, poems, etc) enough to save the race that brutalizes its children?
Is one person’s creativity in engineering enough to save the race that destroys every other creature on the planet?
Is one person’s ability to love enough to save the race that systematically kills it’s own?

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