When my buddy Sam and my kid sis made me go shopping for jeans I talked them into doing the old fashioned photo booth.
You know, the teeny booth that has the slide curtain, is only big enough for 1.5 people but you manage to cram in 3 or 4 people all sitting on top of each other.

Here we are.. ready to shop.. mostly.. I’m not too thrilled..








Here we are 5 hours later..

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  1. Jerryprism

     /  November 10, 2011

    Shouldn’t sleep in the foto booth.

  2. Lara

     /  November 10, 2011

    Those are awesome. 🙂

  3. Jerry, we didn’t sleep very long. The little kids screaming in the food court woke us up. ; )

    Thanks Lara. Heh.

  4. Alyce Aber

     /  November 10, 2011

    Ok which is you?? lol

  5. I’m the one in the middle Alyce.
    The one looking not quite as excited as the other two. : )


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