Fighting the demons.

Mental illness is sometimes likened to demons. As in “he’s got some real demons to live with”.

I’ve gotten to know my demons pretty well. By name even. By diagnosis and by behavioral patterns.

I take medication to keep the demons sedated but sometimes if I move around to much, the demons wake up.

Then I go either into “damage control” or “hunker down and wait out the storm” mode.

Today was hunker down and wait out the storm mode. Right now I’m in the eye of the storm. It isn’t over yet; I can feel the pressure all around me, see the world spinning out of control just inches from my mind, and hear the screams of the demons in the chaos that surrounds me.

Tomorrow will likely be bad too.

While I’m in the eye I try to remind myself that I’m halfway through. I attempt to prepare to survive the second half.

If I can avoid being hit by any more flying debris then I’ll be able to start cleaning up the mess quicker once I’m through the other side.

Find something big to hide behind, something that will block the fangs and claws of the demons trying to latch onto me as they spin through the maelstrom with me.

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  1. Tim

     /  November 8, 2011

    Big HUGS


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