Maybe not “daylight”, but clear skies.

Or perhaps, “cloudy with chances of sunshine”. (1)

I am feeling better now. My head is still spinning, it feels like my brain has a cold. Everything is still foggy and stuffed up and if I move to fast I get dizzy, but at least I am conscious of the cold now instead of in that lost memory phase of almost consciousness.

I slept a lot today and will still sleep tonight.
I made a net that will hold all of my “bready products”. (2)
I fixed one blackout curtain to one of the windows.

Tomorrow I plan on going downtown to the post box and starting the paperwork/phone calls to deal with the issue that tripped my circuits Monday morning.

(1) They really do say this in the weather reports in the Pacific Northwest.
(2) Red Dwarf’s talking toaster.

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  1. Lara

     /  November 9, 2011

    Wow, a PNW weather weirdness ref *and* Red Dwarf in one posting. Glad your head is on the mend.


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