Coping with the storm…

One of the things I’ve learned over the past few years is how to stay in the world when the storm carries me away.

Creation is the opposite of destruction.
Order the opposite of chaos.

When my mind is incapable of order I use my hands to create something.

The handiwork varies depending on where I am and what I have with me.

When I was a child I would play the piano. In the army without any instruments, I began drawing. Since then I’ve used clay, pastels, metal, wood. Now I use string.

A friend introduced me to net-making. He made me a netting needle and I learned to use it over the weekend.

Yesterday I needed something more so I made my own netting needle in a smaller size, it took several hours using a pocket knife and sandpaper. Starting last night I’ve been working on a finer net in a bright pink thread.

Maybe the net will catch the demons in the chaos, maybe when the net is finished I’ll have passed through the other side of the storm.

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