What a day!

First, my buddy Sam wanted to take me “britches shopping” and get me a new pair of jeans.

I hate shopping. I hate crowded noisy stores. I hate trying on clothes.
I don’t have the “standard” body and pre-made clothes just don’t fit me well, never have.
Now that i’m middle aged, chubby, and “curvy” in all the wrong places, pre-made clthes fit me even less than they did when I was 17% body fat and a size 4.
I challenge anyone to spend 5 hours going from store to store trying on pair after pair without finding anything that doesn’t have half your ass hanging out to still have a good mood at the end!
Anyway, we finally found one pair that fit moderately well, ie. No ass hanging out.
I was starting to silently, mostly silently, whimper at that point so Sam and I took an ice cream cone break while my kid sister went into one of the many young persons stores with the loud music, way too much perfume, and clothes that have never fit anyone other than prepubescent children and store mannequins.

Then on the way home, Sam and I stopped and got guitar strings at the local music store (that cheered me up immensely).

When we got home I started working on the top 1/3 of the door. If you’ve seen the pictures you’ll see that the top 1/3 is open. That section now has a separate door that can either be opened separately or opened with the bottom section. It isn’t painted yet but I hope to get that done this week.

We also looked at the styrofoam insulation at the hardware store so I could get an idea of what it is and how best to use it. I’ll think about that for a week or so Beckett I get a piece and start installing it.

It’s nice and warm tonight, mid-60s. No sleeping bag needed tonight.

Both Keegan and I enjoyed our time out and about today but both of us were more than ready to call it a night and head back to the quiet and solitude of the camper.

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